What is Movieoke?

Movieoke is literally movie scene Karaoke. The performers hold microphones and perform using the monitor to read along and act out the scene in front of them. We have over 250 scenes to choose from, scenes that will make you laugh, scenes that will make you cry, scenes that will do both and scenes that are just plain classic. And of course we can provide a very talented host to keep things lively and running onstage. One of the biggest differences between Movieoke and Karaoke is that with Movieoke the scene plays on a projector behind the performers. This adds to the excitement of Movieoke the audience is reminded of classic performances that they know and loved while getting a spontaneous live rendition right in front of them.

What are your movie scenes to choose from?

There are over 200 scenes to choose from, from about 150 movies and our collection is growing!  Some examples from our eclectic sampling of movies are: Titanic, Big Lebowski, The Notebook, Gone with the Wind, Airplane, Casablanca, Seven, and Caddy Shack, just to name a few. We are always updating the list and are totally up for requests! (Just give us a little heads up so we can get them on there in time for your event!)


We have our own set up which includes projector, monitor, computer and microphones. What this means is that we are portable and can set up shop just about anywhere. We can do bar events or private events.  We have experience in both so just let us know what works best for you.


What you should be asking is why not? What better way to spend an evening with friends than getting up and acting out your favorite move scenes? It’s embarrassing, it’s exhilarating and you might even get to impress that special someone when you whip out all the words to Braveheart without even looking at the monitor, or you give a hilarious performance of Jack and Rose clinging to a board in the freezing water in Titanic.  Once you experience Movieoke you’ll never let go, Jack, you’ll never let go.

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